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9 Rollerblade Tricks for Beginners: A Step by Step Guide

Every rollerblading enthusiast will agree that the real fun of skating is in the rollerblading tricks. However, performing tricks right away can be a tricky endeavor for beginners. Conducting rollerblading tricks at the very onset of your training can be risky and certainly not devoid of nasty falls. With that said a little effort in the right direction and consistent practice can really take you to the next level. So, how should you perform the rollerblade tricks when you are a beginner? Well, all you need to do is gear up correctly, master the stance, learn basic techniques, and keep practicing your lessons. Never forget to exercise to maintain the physical strength and endurance required for the sport.

The article will provide a step by step guide for beginners on how to perform tricks while rollerblading. In no time, you can enjoy your favorite thrilling sport to the max with this quick beginner’s guide to performing skillful rollerblading tricks.

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 Get the Right Gear

It is extremely essential to select the right gear for rollerblading. You cannot enjoy the thrill of the sport unless you acquire the most appropriate protective gear. Choosing the right gear can be a challenging drill for beginners. Consulting someone experienced or a professional in the field may help you buy the right piece for a good start. 

Plus, a good pair of rollerblades, can help you perform any tricks harmlessly. You should look for the following when purchasing your very first pair of boots [source]:

  • Check for the style of your roller skates. You should know that skating is done in various styles such as slalom, downhill, freestyle, and recreational. All these different styles may require certain specifications in the respective skates used for the sport to get to the depth of every technique.

As a beginner, you must figure out your skating style and purchase a pair of boots accordingly that is most appropriate for your particular style. For example, skates with speed style wheels, low ankle support, and wheel spin bearings are best for speed skating or jam skating. However, it is advisable to opt for high-top boots for recreational skating as they offer better support to your foot and ankle.


Source Video : Muthia Alzhafira Channel

Again, if you intend to perform tricks, you should look for a pair of skates that are comfy, provide ample support, and help you maintain the right balance and achieve better speed. In a nutshell, your pair of boots must match your ability as well as the style of skating you perform.

  • Consider the price and quality. The next big thing on your checklist while purchasing a pair of rollerblades to perform tricks must be the quality and price. As a beginner, you may not want to spend much on your skates and may look for a low-priced unit. But a cheaper unit means you will have to compromise on quality. This is a common biggest mistake made by most beginners.

 If you ever intend to perform tricks with your skates, you should never compromise on quality, even if that means spending a few more bucks. As a beginner, you can invest in adjustable skates. But eventually, as your skills get better, you will require a more reliable and easily maneuverable pair of boots. Your equipment must be durable and sturdy enough to hold up the quick flip overs and jump shocks.

You should know that you may fall and topple over many times while learning new tricks. Your rollerblades must be able to withstand unexpected scratches and nasty falls. Make certain that your rollerblades are comfy, durable, and easily maneuverable. Also, check them over time for regular maintenance.


  • Buy the correct size. One of the most important elements to consider while purchasing a new pair of skates is its size. Beginners often make the mistake of purchasing the wrong size, which is either one-size small or one-size larger. Remember, if your skates are loose, you are more likely to fall. Again, skates that are too tight can compromise comfort and maneuverability. Buy an appropriate size depending on your shoe size.
Measure your feet before you enter a store for purchasing your rollerblades. Also, it is a good idea to wear them once and test in your feet before you finalize a pair. Never go after skates that look better or promise to offer better features. Check them appropriately for comfort, durability, and maneuverability. You should remember that rollerblading tricks involve a lot of jumping, and flipping. Therefore, you should get a pair you can easily handle while performing tricks.
  • Comfort is essential if you ever intend to perform tricks on your rollerblades. For this, you will certainly require a good pair of boots that are comfy and do not bite your toes. Further, your boots must have a suitable kind of sole. Maintaining balance on your skates can be more challenging if the sole is extra high or extra flat.

Make sure that you always purchase high-quality skates because rollerblading tricks involve a lot of jumping and skipping. This implies every time you land on your boots, you will experience a sudden shock. Your boots must serve you and support you in the best possible ways throughout your ride.

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