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Rollerblade Tricks - Examine the Setup and Check for Maintenance

Once you find the right pair of boots, you should thoroughly examine their setup. This should be a primary check when you wear your boots. Look for signs of wear and tear after and before every skating session. If your skates are new, you may skip this step. However, after one or two uses, you should make it a habit of checking your boots for regular maintenance. As a beginner, it is extremely necessary to check that the bearings and wheels are tight enough and roll freely to help you maintain balance on your skates. Again, regular maintenance of your skates is extremely important especially after skating in the rain or multiple use over time.


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Once you have mastered the basics and learned to maintain balance on your skates in motion, it is time to get into action and perform tricks. This is when your skate wheels and bearings suffer maximum wear and tear, and therefore require proper maintenance check.

Make a Habit of Wearing Your Protective Gears Every Time

Many rollerbladers do not care enough to purchase protective gear or wearing them while performing tricks. No wonder, they end up breaking ligaments and bones or suffer severe injuries.One thing you should note is that protective gear is not only meant for beginners. Every rollerblader that performs tricks involving jumping and flipping, is equally prone to a nasty fall. Therefore, you must purchase high-quality, durable, and comfortable protective equipment including a safety helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Develop a habit of wearing your protective gear every time you hit the streets. Your gear will prevent broken bones and severe external injuries that you might suffer while performing tricks. Further, you will notice a gain in confidence when you wear protective gear while attempting new tricks.

Take It Slow and Enjoy the Process of Learning

Once you are all geared up with the essentials, you may want to join the fun ride. It is not new for a beginner to get extremely excited about performing tricks during early training sessions. Do not immediately begin with high-end drills. The tricks may be risky when you do not know the drill and you certainly don’t want to end up with a broken limb or injured ligament.

Never rush to perform risky tricks too soon. Enjoy the process of learning. Take it slow and gradually switch to advanced skills. Start your training sessions with short flips and low jumps. Performing advanced tricks may be difficult when you are a beginner. It is easy to lose balance. But eventually, as you get better at the basics with regular practice, you can switch over to advanced tricks as well. Master all the basics of performing tricks before you move onto the next level.

 Find a Suitable Place for Training

Rollerblading is not something you can perform at home or in the backyard. Whether you are an amateur or a professional in the field, you should look for an appropriate place to perform rollerblading tricks. Experts often recommend skate parks as a suitable place to perform simple to advanced tricks. The skate parks are suitably designed and well-maintained for the purpose. They are suitable for both beginners and experts. You can find the necessary elements for training such as low-height obstacles and trails to attempt downhill skating.

Alternatively, you can learn new tricks using the street stairs or over the park terrain. Do not select a place that is crowded with people or has too many obstacles, under any circumstances. Malls and crowded places offer too many distractions. You do not get the personal space you need to learn from previous mistakes and over and over.

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