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Master the Basics Tricks Rollerblade

The very first step to learning anything new is to master the fundamentals upfront. With the right place for the sport, you can master the basics of rollerblading in no time. Focus on maintaining your balance while pushing and rolling. Learn all the basic skills. Spend enough time to practice regularly to master them well. Eventually, you will find yourself making quick turns and controlling the speed. Once you do, you should know that you have learned the key elements to perform thrilling tricks.


 Source Video : Muthia Alzhafira Channel

 Start With Some Basic Tricks First

Now that you know the basics of rollerblading, you can try your hand on some simple tricks. Here is a step by step guide to help you perform basic rollerblading tricks [source]:

Heel Toe

This is the very first trick to help you get started with more advanced skills on your rollerblades. In this trick, you glide forward using the front toe of one and the back heel of other skate. The key is to maintain balance on both skates with your feet scissored and one skate gliding slightly ahead of the other. Keep your front leg straight to naturally elevate the toe and let only the heel wheels touch the ground. Bend your back leg as you glide forward to push back your rear foot so that the rear wheels are elevated, keeping only the toe wheels touching the ground.


The next simple trick to try is the fishtail. This trick requires you to maintain optimum speed before you allow your trailing skate to wiggle on the toe wheels. Complete the trick by moving your rear foot in and out. You can cover a wider arc by keeping more weight on the toe wheels to steer the movement.

Flat Spin

It is again one of the most common tricks admired by professionals and beginners alike. This trick involves a spin of 180 or 360-degree. For this trick, keep you feet shoulder-width apart as you tread forward and gently twist your upper torso in the direction of spin. As a result of the twist, your upper body will naturally take a 180 or 360-degree spin. Keep your movements smooth and slow. Avoid turning with a jerk as you may run out of balance. In this trick, your forward skate serves as a pivot point while your rear skate offers stability for the spin.


Wavers is another fun trick for beginners. The trick is simple but requires the right balance on the skates. For this, you rapidly push out and pull back your feet repeatedly. In other words, your feet move in and out in a wave pattern. Never perform this trick at a high pace as the waving movement may cause you to easily lose balance and control. Further, applying too much pressure or movement with a jerk may hurt your ankle. Go as smooth and as easy as you can. Try to maintain natural movement at a controlled speed.


 Source Video : Muthia Alzhafira Channel


One-foot Skating

This is not only a good trick to train but also to increase your balance. Mastering this trick can help you with many other. Training is the key to mastering this simple trick. All you need to do is to get your body rolling on one of your skates. Take small steps and get onto motion. Then, gradually lift one foot and maintain balance on the other. Maintain the position for as long as you can without losing balance or placing back the other foot on the ground. Maintain optimum speed, neither too slow, nor too fast. It will be difficult to maintain at a slow pace and a faster speed can easily make you lose control.

 Backward Skating

As simple as it sounds, the trick is not as easy to learn. Backward skating does not mimic your foot movement as in forward skating. In this trick, you push one foot away followed by the other. The motion can easily cause you to move in half circle. You need to wiggle side to side to get a better hold on your movements.

Once you master the trick and try it in public, learn to look behind your shoulder so as to not hurt someone or bump into something in your path. This trick will help you tremendously improve your balance and get a good hold on other difficult tricks.

Barrel Roll

This is a slightly advanced trick also known by the names drunken man or windmill. In this trick, you perform a circular maneuver by combining sequential motion with body rotation. For this trick, push forward on your left skate. Use your right skate to gain speed. Gently rotate your upper torso counter-clockwise as you move forward and pull back your left skate. The motion will cause your skates to point heel to heel.

Gradually transfer your weight on your left skate while you lift your right skate. This will cause you skate backwards. Now, as you turn your upper body, put down the right skate back on the ground and repeat the transition by pulling your left skate backwards. Turn forward to complete the spin.



This trick is not only fun but also a great exercise for fitness. For this simple trick, you simply need to wiggle your body side to side. The trick will be easy if you know how to turn. You need to continue motion by turning left, right, left, and right again.

You can practice motion with some cones or chalk markings on the ground. Draw wider marks in the beginning. Create closer marks to increase the level of difficulty. You can do slalom in many different ways by keeping your foot in parallel, in line, one behind the other.

You can also try backward slalom or single foot slalom. However, you will need ample practice and great balance with proper control over your skates. Never switch to more difficult versions until you are comfortable with normal slalom, else you may hurt yourself by moving out of balance.


This trick can help you make sharp turns easily and quickly. All you need to learn to perform this simple trick is to cross your outer skate over the inner one. The motion will cause you to move in a wide circle. You can perform the trick by turning left or right, whichever feels more comfortable.

Mastering the trick requires a lot of practice. Start by walking slowly in a circular motion. You can improve your skill by sculling, a technique where you use the inner foot to move. Maintain your weight on your inner foot and push away. Cover a wider circle. With proper balance, you can do crossovers easy and fast.

Rollerblading is an amazing and thrilling sport. Performing tricks on the roller skates make it even more fun. The sports attract many game enthusiasts who want to perform rollerblade tricks. However, many beginners get injured or break their gear in an attempt to move quickly and try difficult tricks.

The best approach to learn rollerblading tricks for beginners is to get the basics right and work step by step before they rush to perform advanced tricks. Start your journey with the skates by getting the right gear and learning the necessary skills. Perfect your ride and comprehend tricks basics to finally switch to more high-end tricks.



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